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A couple drove through an Upland neighborhood early Sunday morning, unaware they were being followed by robbers in two different cars.

When the couple pulled into their driveway, three armed robbers approached them, threatening them and demanding their valuables and keys, Sgt. Anthony Kabayan of the Upland Police Department said.

“At that point, one of the suspects started tazing both of the victims while the other two held them at gunpoint,” Kabayan said.

Police believe this was a follow-home robbery and that the victims were first targeted at the Highlight Room in Hollywood.

“The club that they were at was upscale and there’s a lot of people there that obviously were spending a lot of money that evening,” Kabayan said. “In this particular case, one of the victims was wearing a Rolex and driving a Mercedes. So perhaps that is what caught the suspects’ attention.”

Upland police are still seeking the suspects, and say they traveled in two cars — a white newer-model Mercedes sedan and a white Ford Mustang with a black top.

The incident comes amid a wave of follow-home robberies that prompted the Los Angeles Police Department last week to warn residents and visitors alike about what officials describe as an “ongoing crime trend.”

The LAPD’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division became aware of the trend amid a spike in violent street robberies, according to a safety alert from police.

After identifying their potential victim, the assailants typically follow that person to home or work, where they rob them upon arrival, the police bulletin stated.

Police provided the following tips to help community members from becoming a victim of would-be robbers:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, ensuring there’s nothing unusual before getting out of your car or leaving a restaurant, stores, malls or clubs.
  • When in public, be cautious of displaying purses, jewelry, watches and other luxury items.
  • All suspicious activity should be recorded and reported to police. When possible, write down the descriptions of any suspicious person and/or vehicle.
  • If you think you’re being followed while driving, call 911 and try to drive to the closest police station.  

LAPD also gave recommendations to anyone who becomes a victim of a robbery:

  • Don’t resist — cooperate, comply and be a good witness.
  • Immediately dial 911. Write down what you can remember about the crime, including descriptions of the suspect(s) and their vehicle(s).
  • Don’t follow or chase the assailant(s) after a robbery.