Two beloved family dogs were fatally attacked by coyotes in the backyard of a Granada Hills home Sunday.  

The deadly attack, which was captured on security cameras, happened at around daybreak. 

According to the Wynn family, they had just let their three Chihuahuas into the backyard when the wild animals quickly made their move.  

“When my daughter came back out and started screaming, they ran in this direction and over the wall,” Doug Wynn told KTLA’s Sara Welch.  

The 6-foot wall surrounding the family’s backyard along Encino Street provided no defense, and the three Chihuahuas had only been outside for just a few minutes.  

“She didn’t see anything, and they were just hiding in wait,” Tamara Wynn said.  

“I think they were stalking them and figured out these animals are out there this time every day,” Doug said.  

Sadly, Gizmo and Salem were killed. Ella, the family’s lone surviving dog, suffered a puncture wound.  

This deadly attack follows a coyote attack in Woodland Hills last weekend that injured a toddler. That coyote was tracked, captured and put down.  

The Wynn’s said that they often see coyotes on their street, and while the sightings have become more common throughout the Los Angeles area, California Fish and Wildlife say the attacks are still rare.  

“We want everyone to know that even if you look, you have to go out there, make sure that there aren’t anything hiding before you let your dogs out,” Tamara said.  

“Yeah, definitely, we’d like to let people know that it can happen to you,” Doug added.  

Wildlife experts say one of the keys is eliminating food sources, such as securing garbage.  

The Wynn family said they plan to reach out to California Fish and Wildlife in hopes that, like the coyote in Woodland Hills, these coyotes can be tracked and captured.