Firefighters in Pasadena are going house-to-house to offer free safety inspections in an effort to save homes – and potentially lives.

The fire department has sent letters to around 4,000 homeowners in high-risk zones, telling them to clear dry brush, create defensible space, or face fines.

Bruce and Sue Porter, who live in the Eaton Canyon area, were among those who received a visit on Friday.

“Every year we worry about it especially when the Santa Ana winds come… it’s terrifying,” said Bruce.

See the current fire danger map

Peak fire season in California is typically in the late summer and fall, but experts say large wildfires are also possible earlier in the year, including in the month of May.

Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin believes the 2023 fire season will be challenging.

“This has been a record year for rain. We see nice green hills,” Augustin told KTLA. “Those hills will be brown in a few months from now … We’re in store for a rough fire season.”

Firefighters say homeowners can be fined if they find safety violations, but the fee will be waived if the violations are fixed within 30 days.