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Officials uneasy with the number of pets being attacked and killed by coyotes in Culver City approved a $210,000 study and management program Monday night. Residents have spotted coyotes all over the city, but areas like Carlson Park, Culver Crest and Blair Hills seem to be among the favorite sites for wandering coyotes. “We documented 50 deaths of animals where there were still enough of the remains so that we could identify them,” Gelli Harris of the group Save Our Pets told the Culver City Observer. During their meeting Monday night, the city approved a three-year partnership with Loyola Marymount University to that includes installing night-vision cameras to help track the coyotes migration patterns and implementing city-wide and school-wide educational programs. “It’s a great idea but also the coyotes have just as much right to be here as us, so it’s learning to live in the balance,” one Culver City resident told KTLA. Residents are being encouraged to report coyote sightings in one of several ways. The city’s hotline number is 310-253-6141. Incidents can also be reported by sending an email to or by filing a report online.