Custodian Retires After 50 years at Same School

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GLENDORA — A man who spent the nearly 50 years working for a local elementary school in the San Gabriel Valley was honored at a retirement ceremony today.

There was a lot of applause, hugs and photos as 69 year old Tim Swann was honored in Glendora today.

“We have parents and grandparents who had him as a student,” says Principal Steve Bishop, Sellers Elementary.

For the last 46 years… Swann has worked as the head custodian at the school.

“He’s always smiling, even when we tried to get him flustered, change something up with him, change the schedule, room has to be mopped and ready in a few minutes, he kind of smiles, grins and does it, never grouchy about it,” Bishop says.

“I’ve always loved working around children and kids, and time went by, Swann says.

As time went by… Swann’s wife Glenna stood by in support and today, was no exception.

She sat there smiling as he received several certificates from local city and state representatives, honoring his dedication and service.

“I like to work, energizer bunny, she calls me the energizer bunny,” Swann says.

And even though he’s now retired, there’s no stopping that energetic spirit.

“Catch up around the house for a couple weeks, then travel to Germany and Italy,” says Swann.

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