The Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance is taking action amid increased mayhem, fights, and brawls involving young people.

Local authorities are swarming the Del Amo mall this weekend with the intent to crack down on crime for the sake of businesses and keeping frightened families safe. 

“For us, I have kids and you’re worried,” said Susan Sisay, Torrance resident. “Am I going to go to the store and somebody’s gonna grab my wallet or something like that? Very concerned.”

Aside from frequent smash-and-grabs across Los Angeles County, there’s been an increase of fights breaking out at the mall.

In August, video captured a large group of teens chasing a young boy through the Del Amo mall before knocking him to the ground. The teens surrounded the boy before beginning to kick and punch him. 

“I just have to make sure it’s safe for me and my kids to go to the mall, so I’m always looking around to make sure there’s no suspicion,” Sisay added. 

“I feel sorry for the businesses because they’re the ones being affected,” said Byron Lopez, another Torrance resident. 

Police say this behavior will not be tolerated in efforts to protect the community and retailers.

After several fights broke out at Moreno Valley Mall over $4 movie tickets in August, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department was called, and in an effort to crack down on unaccompanied teens, management is considering requiring minors to wear lanyards that display their names and contact information that can be used to report misbehavior to their parents.