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Actress Denise Richards and her husband were lucky to escape unharmed when a driver fired a shot at their vehicle in an apparent road-rage incident Monday, according to TMZ.

Richards and husband/fellow actor Aaron Phypers were driving to Popsicle Studio L.A. when Phypers, who was behind the wheel, was having difficulty finding the studio.

A driver behind them became agitated and started shouting at them, and eventually opened fire on the truck, hitting the back end on the driver’s side, according to TMZ.

TMZ obtained a photo of the bullet hole.

No one was hurt.

A production worker at the studio called 911, although it was not immediately known if the couple filed a police report.

“Denise powered through the emotions of it all and worked for 12 hours … Aaron stayed with her the whole time. When she was ready to leave, an off-duty cop who was on set escorted Denise and Aaron back to the freeway, where they made their way home,” the TMZ report said.