Two protestors who were arrested while demonstrating in downtown Los Angeles against immigration laws plan to sue the U.S. Department of Homeland Security alleging their civil rights were violated.

The couple was organizing outside the federal building on May 9, and some of the tense moments were caught on camera.

The plaintiffs, Edin Enamorado and his girlfriend Wendy Lujan, allege the protest hadn’t even started and they were protecting a reporter who was told by security to move their car.

They said backup was called and things quickly escalated.

Video from two different angles shows Enamorado speaking to a security guard before a DHS officer shows up. Enamorado tells the officer not to touch him before the officer appears to push Enamorado and eventually the two wrestle to the ground. Lujan can also be seen struggling with another officer in the video.

The two activists and their attorneys allege their First Amendment freedom of speech rights were violated, along with Fourth Amendment protections against excessive use of force.

They claim they were hospitalized as a result of the encounter, and Enamorado says he was hit with a stun gun.

“It’s despicable how they shot me from close range when I was already on the floor. It’s just not right,” Enamorado said Monday during a news conference announcing his intent to sue.

His attorney said Enamorado and Lujan plan on suing for compensation for the injuries they suffered.

The pair were eventually cited and released.

KTLA has reached out to DHS for a response but has not heard back.