Deputies Pull Over Two Hot Air Balloons After Pilots Fly Too Close to Homes in Yucaipa

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It’s not often that a law enforcement officer looks skyward while ordering someone to pull over.

But that’s what happened Tuesday morning in Yucaipa, after residents called 911 to say two hot-air balloons were flying extremely low and possibly crashing into homes, police officials said in a news release.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Chapman Heights neighborhood and saw a blue and yellow balloon and a multicolored one flying at times just a few feet above homes and trees.

They were able to make contact with the pilots, who were hot air balloon enthusiasts flying their privately owned balloons, and asked them to land right away. One craft landed at a local high school baseball field and the other in an orange grove of a private residence.

It is unknown why the pilots were flying so low, but police will be alerting the Federal Aviation Administration for further review of possible violations.

No one was injured and officers couldn’t find any homes with damage.

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