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A monastery tucked into the hills above Hollywood could soon be shuttered after nearly a century in operation.

The Dominican Order, which regulates the Monastery of the Angels, said it no longer meets the criteria of Catholic Church law, and they’re considering selling the 4-acre property.

Despite the signatures of more than 3,600 supporters on a petition, the final decision will be left up to the North American Association of Dominican Monasteries, which is expected to decide the monastery’s fate in the next few weeks.

Carlos Sanchez, general manager, said the monastery offers visitors a respite from their busy lives.

“It’s a place where they can come, visit the chapel, find a little peace,” Sanchez said.

If the Monastery of the Angels is closed, the five nuns who live there — down from 50 about two decades ago — will be relocated, which would be “a sad day for Hollywood, very, very said,” said Hollywood resident Steve Krawchuk.

Sanchez said the nuns are also upset about the potential closure.

“This is home. They’re upset. I’ve seen them cry. But there’s still hope, and we all need hope,” Sanchez said.