Detectives search LAPD captain’s home in investigation into sales of guns stolen from academy store

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Los Angeles Police Department detectives searched the home of a captain Thursday as part of an investigation into the alleged sale of more than 20 firearms stolen from the police academy gun store, according to law enforcement sources.

The commercial crimes detectives were seeking evidence linked to the guns and who might have received them. They were also looking for any communications between Capt. Jonathan Tom, who oversees the West Los Angeles station, and Archie Duenas, a former assistant manager of the gun shop who was charged with stealing the weapons last year, sources said.

A Superior Court judge signed off on the warrant to search Tom’s Long Beach home; LAPD Chief Michel Moore also approved the warrant, sources said.

The warrant is the latest step in an investigation that began a year ago, after the disappearance of dozens of firearms from the gun store of the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, a private organization whose members are in law enforcement. Store officials had noticed a discrepancy in inventory and notified LAPD commercial crimes detectives — who quickly narrowed their focus to Duenas, who handled the store’s daily operations.

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