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The California Screamin’ roller coaster at Disney California Adventures Park was temporarily halted on Wednesday after a passenger pulled out a selfie stick mid-ride, according to a report.

The stoppage, which lasted less than an hour, occurred around noon as a result of an unnamed passenger taking out a selfie a stick during the ride, according to the Orange County Register.

A different passenger on the ride, Twitter user The K-Lee, posted several photos of the stopped ride, tweeting that he was on California Screamin’ when the ride “broke down at the very top.” He later indicated that the use of a selfie stick had prompted operators to stop the ride.

Recently, Disney began putting up signs around its theme parks prohibiting selfie sticks on certain attractions, according to CNN.

Selfie sticks have not been banned from the theme parks. They can be used in and around the park, but most be stored on rides, a Disney spokesperson told last month.