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Southern California’s Disneyland Resort closed its gates on March 14, shortly after Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that large gatherings of people should be canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Disneyland at the time said that the park would be shuttered until at least March 31.

But do not think that means that Disneyland is scheduled to open April 1.

While the park has not announced an extension for its downtime — and a spokesperson for the company said they did not have an update at this time — it would be inaccurate to read the lack of a new statement to mean that the park is planning to open in a few days. At this time, it’s unclear how long shelter-in-place regulations will be extended.

Restrictions in Los Angeles are active through April 19, although Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Wednesday that residents should be prepared to stay at home until May. In Disneyland’s Anaheim home, the city is, of course, abiding by California’s stay-at-home directives, which will prevent the park from opening until further notice.

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