Parkgoers were pelted by precipitation pellets at Disneyland’s pioneer-themed play area Saturday afternoon.

Video shared with KTLA showed park guests duck for cover as either hail or graupel fell down from above during one of the heavier downpours Saturday.

The video shows Disneyland guests, many covered head to toe in plastic wrap parkas or hiding below umbrellas, as they waited in line to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The tiny ice pellets didn’t appear to cause any damage or injure any parkgoers, rather it was a rare weather experience to behold.

The precipitation was part of a greater storm system that affected most of California and impacted many states across the country.

While getting hit by freezing cold water isn’t most people’s idea of a day at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” according to the Disneyland app, wait times for much of the park’s attractions appeared to be significantly lower than your typical Saturday afternoon.

You win some, you lose some.