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The Disneyland Resort on Tuesday hinted that its iconic Main Street Electrical Parade will be making a comeback.

In social media posts, Disney released video footage showing one of the illuminated floats accompanied by the parade’s signature soundtrack. Then text pops up reading, “To be continued.”

No further details were provided, including a date for when the popular nighttime attraction would be back.

However, the fan-favorite likely won’t return until next year, when the parade celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Main Street Electrical Parade debuted at the Anaheim theme park in June 1972, dazzling generations of parkgoers with its sparkling array of lit-up floats and catchy “electro-syntho-magnetic” sound.

The fan-favorite went dark at Disneyland in 1996, but has popped up at various Disney theme parks, including a nine-year run at neighboring Disney California Adventure Park and a stint at Walt Disney World in Florida.

More recently, the nighttime spectacular has seen limited-time engagements at Disneyland in 2017 and again in 2019. 

The tease comes one day after Disneyland hiked the cost of most of its daily tickets, including expanding its tiered-pricing system to a sixth, most expensive level. The Tier 6 tickets will cost $164 and aren’t expected to be utilized until March 2022.