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Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise has set sail in the park’s Adventureland area consistently since 1955, and stands today as one of the remaining opening day attractions overseen by Walt Disney himself.

But culture can often move faster than decades-old mechanical hippos.

On Monday, The Walt Disney Co. announced it’s embarking on what many view as a long-overdue course correction for the Jungle Cruise. Numerous changes will be made to make the attraction feel more inclusive and less racially insensitive in its depiction of other cultures.

The move follows numerous other updates to older attractions such as Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, all of which seek to remove now-outdated tableaus that can be cringe-inducing at best and racist at worst. Already this year the company revealed that Splash Mountain, originally inspired by the critters in the racist film “Song of the South,” will receive a makeover themed to “The Princess and the Frog,” the movie that featured Disney’s first Black princess.

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