Los Angeles Animal Services held its first-ever adoption event at Dodger Stadium Saturday.

The event came as local shelters face cramped conditions and depleting kennel space. As an added incentive to help local shelters clear up space, Animal Services reduced adoption fees to make it easier and more affordable for prospective pet owners.

The pet adoption event was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and more than 100 dogs of various breeds and sizes were available.

There were additional perks for Dodger fans too. Dodger legends Orel Hershiser, Jaime Jarrin and Jorge Jarrin were expected to be on hand to meet guests. Three-time Emmy-winning “Lucky Dog” host Brandon McMillan was also in attendance to offer simple dog training tips.

In total, 62 dogs were adopted during the event, officials said. With more than 80% of animals adopted Saturday, it was the most successful mobile adoption event Los Angeles Animal Services has ever hosted.

While the event at Dodger stadium was only being held Saturday, the reduced fees continued through the weekend at the six L.A. Animal Services Centers and at another pet adoption event sponsored by Monty’s Good Burger taking place at the Echo Park Rec Center at 1632 Bellvue Ave.

Adoption fees for all dogs will be $51 – not including their license – and $75 for puppies. Adoption fees for cats will be waived entirely thanks to a grant from the ASPCA.

You can view the dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets available for adoption by going to the L.A. Animal Services website.