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For those who have pets that cheer for the Boys in Blue, the Dodgers have started selling cutouts of cats and dogs to fill the stands at Dodger Stadium.

After the success of human fan cutouts, which cost $149 or $299 depending on the section, the Dodgers thought furry fans might want to be “part of the action.”

The pet cutout promotion is seen in a screenshot from an email.
The pet cutout promotion is seen in a screenshot from an email.

Pup and kitty cutouts are sold for $149 and will be on the Loge Level.

“See your furry friends in the stands, cheering on the Dodgers to victory!” the team said in announcing the promotion.

Proceeds from the cutouts will go to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, whose mission is to “improve education, health care, homelessness, and social justice for all Angelenos.”

Instructions for the pet cutouts include making sure the photo is at eye level and only includes the pet in question. They should also be facing the camera. “Have your pup give us a big smile and say, ‘Go Dodgers!’”

The preferred photo size is 1,512 by 2,016 pixels and should be in .jpg or .png format.

The cutout will be 18 by 30 inches tall.

See additional guidelines here.

Other teams have embraced selling cutouts as Major League Baseball’s truncated season gets underway amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In Florida, however, the Miami Marlins’ season hit a snag when more than a dozen players and staff tested positive for coronavirus.