A dog that was in an SUV when it was stolen off an East Hollywood street Saturday afternoon has been found safe and reunited with its family.

Tara Luhv, the vehicle’s owner, said she was inside a gymnastics studio with her daughter when her 2019 Honda Pilot was stolen. Luhv had left her dog Loki inside with the air running but kept the key fob with her.

Luhv told KTLA that Loki suffers from separation anxiety and she didn’t want to leave him alone for an entire busy day. She checked on him frequently in the moments leading up to the crime, but there was just enough time between those check-ins for a man to break in and drive off.

On Monday, police announced that the vehicle was recovered not far from where it was stolen, but Loki was still missing.

The next day, Luhv and her children were reunited with their beloved pet. Loki had been living under a freeway where he was being cared for by a homeless man, Luhv said. He is healthy and happy to be home, she added.

Luhv said she recently moved to Los Angeles on a “leap of faith” to start fresh and give her kids a new life. With the return of Loki and the family vehicle, it looks like their plan is back on track.