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A young golden retriever nicknamed “Fergus” was making a remarkable recovery Tuesday after being found on a street in Lancaster suffering from severe burns down his entire back.

Members of the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue picked Fergus up at the shelter and brought him to the Animal Medical Center of Southern California in West Los Angeles for treatment, according to a post on a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for Fergus’ medical bills.

Veterinarians at the center believe someone poured battery acid down Fergus’ spine from his neck to his tail, leaving him with third-degree burns and the threat of infection.

“Unfortunately, we see these types of malicious injuries to dogs at times,” said Dr. Alan Schulman with the Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

As bad as his injuries appear now, Fergus has shown remarkable progress since the day he was rescued from the shelter.

“He had a huge seizure,” said Barbara Gale with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. “I think at that point his body just shut down.”

It was expected to take months for Fergus’ injuries to completely heal.

Despite all he has suffered, Fergus was described as a happy and affectionate dog.

“I can’t imagine a human that had had this done to them and be that forgiving and loving,” Gale said.

Fergus will be available for adoption once he is healthy enough.