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She did it!

A 24-year-old Los Angeles DACA recipient became the youngest person to complete 100 marathons when she crossed the finish line at the L.A. Marathon Sunday.

Jocelyn Rivas is also the youngest woman and youngest Latina to reach the feat, after setting the steep goal for herself years ago.

A native of El Salvador, Rivas was born with several broken bones. Her mother was told she’d never walk, let alone run.

In 2013, after watching the L.A. Marathon as a spectator, she decided she wanted to run one herself and did so the following year. Once she had a few more marathons under her belt, she was hungry for more, and set out to prove that she could accomplish anything she set her mind too.

Rain, snow, bloody knees and even a global pandemic didn’t stop Rivas from coming full circle and finishing her 100th marathon in the City of Angels on Sunday.

“Wow,” L.A. Marathon officials wrote on Instagram, announcing Rivas had crossed the finish line Sunday. “Way to go Jocelyn, you’re an amazing inspiration. We’re so glad you chose Los Angeles Marathon for Number 100!”

Nicknamed “The Warrior,” Rivas posed with a banner commemorating her 100th race and was flanked by a U.S. and El Salvador flag on the stage where she celebrated her victory.