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A driver was taken into custody after a bicyclist was killed in a suspected DUI crash in the West Adams neighborhood of South Los Angeles early Saturday morning, authorities said.

The bicyclist was going westbound on Adams Boulevard near Cloverdale Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle at about 3 a.m., Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jon Pinto said.

The driver remained at the scene and was detained by officers on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, Pinto said.

Authorities have not identified the man killed in the early morning crash.

Video from the scene shows a mangled bicycle laying on the ground near a dark-colored sedan. The car’s front windshield was smashed and the hood appeared badly caved in.

Authorities said the area was well lit and is not considered particularly dangerous for cyclists.

The officer warned residents not to drink and drive.

“This is happening too much in South Los Angeles and we really want people to stop,” Pinto said.

No further details were available.