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A man who drove for Lyft was arrested on suspicion of DUI Wednesday morning after swerving into a crowd outside the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, officials said.

The crash occurred just before midnight at the night club as the Volkswagen Jetta, speeding north on San Vicente Boulevard, attempted to make a left at Sunset Boulevard, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

Surveillance video showed the driver, identified as Brandon Baker-Grey, losing control and ending up on a sidewalk full of people.

Shane Hunter, a band member who was among those hit, was at the scene Wednesday morning and described the incident.

“We were just outside taking a break and talking,” Hunter said. “We just looked up and saw a car coming off of San Vicente way too fast … We all just started running,” he said.

Hunter and three others were unable to get out of the way however and were struck by the vehicle.

At least four pedestrians were injured, and three of were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, officials said.

“We’re all fine,” Hunter said. “Just abrasions and bruises … It’s amazing … happy to be alive,” he said.

Another of the victims, Gabe Maska, ended up on the hood of the car as it crashed into a pole.

“Because it hit the pole I was only pushed maybe five feet forward and landed on my feet,” said Maska, who told KTLA he went back into the club and finished his set.

“I was able to go and perform right after … I think the adrenaline made it even better,” Maska said.

According to Amy Maglieri, the wife of the Whisky’s owner, the driver had been spotted stumbling outside a restaurant down the street before he got behind the wheel.

Maglieri said after the crash, her husband helped detain Baker-Grey before authorities arrived.

“The guy jumped out of the car and he was, I guess, belligerent,” she told KTLA. “He started running and my husband, Mike, grabbed him and held him until police came.”

Baker-Grey was eventually arrested by deputies on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The driver’s vehicle displayed a Lyft sticker in the window, but there were no passengers in the vehicle, Sheriff’s Lt. Mancitas said.

The ride-hailing company confirmed that Baker-Grey was a registered driver at the time of the crash, but said it has since barred him from driving.

“Although this individual was not driving on the Lyft platform at the time of the incident, the safety of the community is our top priority,” Kaelan Richards, Lyft’s senior policy communications manager, said in an email. “We have permanently removed this individual from the Lyft platform, and stand ready to assist in any law enforcement investigation.”

KTLA’s Erika Martin contributed to this report.