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The family of an 87-year-old woman who was interred in the wrong resting place was looking for answers on Sunday from the East Los Angeles funeral home that was responsible for her burial.

Family members said that on June 18th, the day before Maria Mercedes Solorio’s scheduled viewing, they received a phone call from Funeraria Latino Americana informing them there had been a mix-up.

“They told us she was buried eight days ago. They lied to us. They came with the documents saying June fifth,” said Marisol Barajas, the woman’s granddaughter.

A representative for the funeral home said Solorio’s body was interred in the wrong vault, she added.

“We were very in shock, like, how can this happen? How did that happen?” family member Jenny Guido Barajas said. “Their excuse was that this other lady … looked very similar to our grandmother, and very similar names.”

The family was devastated when they learned about the mistake, but said to make matters worse, the funeral home hasn’t been giving them straight answers. Relatives told KTLA that details, names and dates did not add up to them.

“We need closure. We need closure, that’s all we need. We need the lies to stop,” said Barajas.

Her grandfather, in his 90s, has been waiting for his wife’s funeral, she added. “He’s asking, ‘When are going to put her to rest?'” Barajas said.

A spokesman for Funeraria Latino Americana issued a statement to KTLA, apologizing for the mistake.

“The funeral home is very sorry for this honest mistake. Within two hours of the discovery of the mistake both families were advised of what occurred in person at their homes through a personal visit by two of the managers of the funeral home,” Daniel Friedenthal wrote in the email. “All necessary steps have been undertaken to immediately rectify this situation.”

Friedenthal continued, writing that, “Due to the very sensitive nature of the grieving process when a loved one passes and out of respect for the families during this difficult time, no further comments will be made at this time.”

Meanwhile, the family expressed hope that there would be a proper burial for their loved one soon.

“She does need justice. She needs to be rested in peace,” Barajas said. “Right now she’s rolling over, rolling over in someone else’s piece of land.”

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