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Southern California Edison managers dressed as “Star Trek” characters shot a spoof video at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

The video, obtained and aired by KGTV news in San Diego, was shot in the plant’s training simulator in 2010, before the discovery of equipment issues that have shuttered the facility for more than a year and left its future in doubt.

The company told KGTV that the video was shot for an employee recognition event on a budget of $800, but was never completed.

In the video, entitled “SONGS Trek,” the crew discusses issues presented by “unusual space fabric” the ship has encountered.

A man dressed as Spock tells the Captain Kirk — played by the plant’s former chief nuclear officer, Ross Ridenoure, “If we remain in this state for much longer, we run a risk of equipment failure and crew demoralization. It is imperative we get to star base to replace our uranium dioxide crystals.”

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