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Police on Wednesday declared stricter enforcement of traffic laws in El Monte, where vehicles fatally hit two local pedestrians over a recent two-year period.

The operation to promote bike and pedestrian safety will focus in the area of Valley Boulevard and Gibson Road, according to a statement from El Monte police. That’s where authorities said a 92-year-old was killed in a traffic collision in October 2017 and a 74-year-old died in a hit-and-run incident in January 2016. Both lived near the intersection, police said.

Investigators were still seeking information about the 2016  collision that killed Qing Ru Zhao Mao. Officers found her hurt and unconscious near the intersection the morning of Jan. 17, 2016, the San Gabriel Valley-Tribune reported. She later died at a hospital.

The Police Department said it will deploy extra officers around Valley Boulevard and Gibson Road, as well as other areas. They’ll be issuing tickets to motorists, pedestrians and bike riders who violate traffic laws. Violators face $240 tickets, authorities said.

“Unfortunately, warnings don’t always work, and sometimes getting a stiff fine is what’s going to make people change their driving behavior, ” Sgt. Roger Cobian told KTLA.