Emaciated Dog Found on Side of Road in San Fernando Valley by Off-Duty LAPD Officers Makes Improbable Recovery

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Two police officers and two animal rights advocates serendipitously discovered a dying dog on the side of a secluded road in the San Fernando Valley just in time to save its life.

The boxer, now named Bronx, was first found laying in pain by off-duty Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rick So on his usual route home.

The dog wasn’t moving, and So thought he had been hit by a car due to the way his shoulder joints were protruding because he was so emaciated.

“As I kind of slowed down, he picked his head up and looked at me,” So said, and he immediately called his partner, Officer Charles Winzer, for backup.

“He had definitely been out for quite some time,” Winzer said. “Boxers are a pretty large-breed dog and he was right about 50 pounds, if not under, when we got to him. He was literally just skin-wrapped bones when we found him, almost too weak to stand up.”

The officers called animal control, but as they were waiting two good samaritans pulled over who happened to work for local rescue organizations.

“Being in rescue you see a lot of heartbreaking stories, and this was one of the worst,” said Maral Mofrad, one of the animal rescue workers.

Mofrad asked the officers to give her time to find a rescue group to take him so he wouldn’t go to a shelter, and within 20 minutes Border Buddies Rescue agreed to help.

“It was kind of all meant to be because I would never be in this spot at that time on a Monday,” Mofrad said.

Bronx is now recovering at a foster and doing much better, but he is still searching for a forever home.

“It was just one of those things that couldn’t have worked out any better,” Winzer said. “It was the right person in the right place at the right time.”

Click here to donate to Bronx’s GoFundMe campaign.

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