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Before a court hearing Thursday in which two defendants pleaded guilty in the 2011 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium, statements were read from four family members.

A family photo show Bryan Stow with his two children.

Marvin Norwood, 33, and Louie Sanchez, 31, were sentenced to four and eight years in prison, respectively.

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David Stow, Bryan’s father

… The significance now is not that whether you are Dodger fans and Bryan was a Giants fan. The sport of baseball pales to this action.

The attack that you inflicted on my son on March 31, 2011, at Dodger Stadium was so mean and vicious that it has left Bryan unable to care for himself. Bryan has a lifetime of pain, therapy, hard work daily that he must endure. He will strive to persevere. …

David Stow reads a statement on his son’s beating in court on Feb. 20, 2014. (Credit: pool)

What you both did, late in the evening in the dark at Dodger Stadium, was cowardly. We hold no hate against you; we despise you.

The time you serve is insignificant compared to what Bryan must endure. However, the years you spend in prison is what you cretins deserve.

Bonnie Stow, Bryan’s sister

… We shower him, we dress him, we fix his meals and we make sure he gets his 13 medications throughout the day. … You get to live your life as you choose. Bryan did not choose this. No sentencing you receive will ever be long enough. Eventually you will be released. Bryan’s sentence is a lifetime.

Bonnie Stow reads her statement. (Credit: pool)

You showed no conscience when you didn’t come forward. You showed no remorse by dragging this out. Your lack of regret makes me despise you even more.

I envy those people who can forgive others who commit crimes against their loved ones. I am here to say I am not one of those people.

Jacqueline Kain, Bryan’s ex-wife (statement read by Erin Collins, Bryan’s sister)

Our son Tyler’s first word was ‘ball.’ His next word was ‘daddy.’ When they started playing catch, Bryan promised to play catch with him every day. And he did, until both of you took that away from him.

Our daughter Tabitha loved to ride bikes with her daddy, and he did that every day. Again, until both of you took that away from him.

Based on your actions, it is completely obvious that you have no respect for human life. …

It’s been extremely hard for me to try to explain to my children why this happened to their dad. What would you say to a child who doesn’t understand the hatred you portrayed? … My children had to learn early on that there are horrible, mean people that exist.

(discusses him being a paramedic) He was the type that would stop and try to save you….

You took my kid’s daddy away from them. Do you have any remorse?… Every morning you get to wake up and get out of bed and live, even if it is behind bars. You are able to live, and Bryan can’t even get up out of bed. He can’t do anything without assistance because of you.

I asked my children if they wanted to say or write anything to either of you, and they simply put their heads down and said no.

They still cry about how their dad is now, as do I. We will all miss the Bryan that you both took from us, again, for no reason whatsoever.

I teach my children that life is all about choices. … You made a choice to purposefully and permanently disable a man, in my mind, with the intent to kill. Now you must live with that on your minds, behind bars.

Erin Collins, Bryan Stow’s sister, delivered her statement and that of Stow’s ex-wife. (Credit: pool)

Erin Collins, Bryan’s sister

… To say you got off easy in an understatement. … Because of your actions, Bryan can’t go to the bathroom by himself. He can’t shower by himself. He has to wear adult diapers, and I hate having to even say that out loud, but it shows the severity of what you did.

As men, are you proud of yourselves? And as fathers, are you proud of yourselves?

Being here, I’d hoped to see one tiny bit of remorse, in order to not think you both are that despicable. But I don’t. How can we even begin to consider forgiveness when you aren’t even asking for it?

I’m still not sure I believe in karma, but if there is such a thing, then I imagine prison life won’t be pleasant.

I included on here (gesturing to written papers) that that gives me some relief, but it doesn’t. Because I feel sad, I feel sad for us, and I feel sad for your families. And I hope you understand what you did.