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A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy found an empty, unlabeled pill bottle in a backpack next to Tiger Woods’ crashed SUV as he inventoried the scene. That same investigator said he had found no evidence the golf legend was under the influence at the time of the Feb. 23 crash but, rather, was in shock, according to a crash scene investigation report.

The 22-page sheriff’s report reveals that in the aftermath of the crash — which occurred after Woods was traveling at speeds of up to 87 mph on a roadway with a posted speed limit of 45 mph — Woods was so disoriented he thought he was in Florida, and paramedics found his blood pressure so low they could not administer pain medication, the report said.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva on Wednesday declared that excessive speed and an inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway were behind the crash, and said the department did not find any probable cause to test Woods for being under the influence.

Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was first at the scene, reported to the lead investigator that he did not smell alcohol and that Woods’ eyes were not watery nor his speech slurred. Gonzalez reported that, after the seriously injured Woods was removed from the SUV, the deputy found a backpack next to the vehicle, and in the front pocket was the empty pill bottle.

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