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Police are investigating on Friday after a burglar broke into a Simi Valley home and stole a former KTLA wedding contest winner’s engagement ring and wedding band.

The thief climbed through a second-story window at a home in the 3900 block of Frandon Court and took the rings off of a dresser, according to the family.

Lisa Battle married her partner, Conchita, on live television in February 2014 as part of KTLA’s “Daily I Do” special.

“I’m so hurt. I feel so violated,” Battle said. “I was going to go the gym that morning and didn’t want them to slip off. I looked all over the bed, the floor and could not find it and right away I noticed that my drawer has been a little bit ransacked.”

A man is seen on security footage approaching Battle’s home around noon. Neighbors told police that the man who left her home had a sloppy appearance.

“That ring was incredible. It reminds me of my wedding day. It reminds me of my happy life,” said Battle.

She described her engagement ring as a round, one-carat diamond with a halo. Battle plans to search pawn shops and online to see if the rings show up.