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A woman’s ex-husband was arrested after she was found dead inside a Koreatown apartment last week, investigators said Tuesday.

Joseph Chung, 50, had a history of domestic violence with his ex-wife and was taken into custody after fleeing to Santa Cruz, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a news release.

The victim — a 48-year-old Korean woman whose name police are keeping confidential — was found dead in an apartment on the 400 block of South Berendo Street after officials were called about a possible dead body there last Wednesday afternoon.

Paramedics at the scene determined the death was suspicious, and on Saturday coroner’s officials ruled the case a homicide.

Authorities have not commented on the condition the body was found in, or said how long they suspect it had been there before being discovered. It’s unclear what sort of injuries the woman died from.

After identifying Chung as a suspect, detectives determined he had left the area. On Monday evening, Chung turned himself in at a police station in Santa Cruz, LAPD said.

Chung was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of murder before being transported back to L.A. on Tuesday, officials said.

LAPD says it plans to file the case with prosecutors Wednesday.