Officials with Caltrans announced Wednesday that a team of experts are working to assess the underground damage at the Chatsworth sinkhole that swallowed two cars and led to the rescue of a mother and her teen daughter during last week’s rainstorms.  

The sinkhole is located at 11414 Iverson Road, just south of the 118 Freeway.  

After the Jan. 9 rescue, it took crews another 24 hours to get the vehicles out of the sinkhole because of concerns about the unstable, shifting terrain.  

By Jan. 13, Caltrans crews were covering the edges of the crater with tarps and sandbags to prevent it from growing any larger.  

“There are multiple utility lines that are also present in the area, including a number of telephone lines which are encased in three or four-inch pipes,” Caltrans District 7 spokesman Michael Comeaux said at the time. “These telephone lines will have to be relocated.” 

  • Chatsworth sinkhole rescue
  • Chatsworth Sinkhole
  • Cars remain in a large sinkhole along Iverson Road in Chatsworth on Jan. 10, 2023. (David Crane/The Orange County Register via AP)
  • Chatsworth Sinkhole
  • Chatsworth sinkhole
  • Chatsworth Sinkhole

Wednesday’s announcement by Caltrans said that a team that “includes geotechnical, construction, environmental, design” and other key members are working to develop a plan for repair and reconstruction of the roadway.  

Officials did not provide an estimate for how long the repairs would take.