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An explosion at a Burbank Water and Power substation Friday caused a transformer fire and street closures, as the area experienced power outages.

Burbank police and fire authorities responded to the Golden State Substation on West Pacific Avenue, just before noon, according to the Burbank Police Department. Authorities had to wait for staff at the substation to shut off the energy in order to tackle the fire, Battalion Chief John Owings of the city’ Fire Department said.

The fire was put out in 30 minutes and there were no reports of injuries or homes damaged, officials said. The only damage was to the transformer itself and the building where the explosion occurred, Owings said.

The Burbank Hazard’s Material Team responded to ensure there were no hazard materials runoff, officials said.

Roadways on Pacific Avenue and Monterey Avenue between Brighton Street and Myers Street were closed off but reopened around 1:30 p.m.

The fire damage caused Burbank Water and Power to cut power to a number of residents in the area, including those who are serviced by the Ontario Substation, officials said. The Hollywood Burbank Airport also momentarily lost power. Power has since been restored.

Footage from the scene shows green flickering light as the sight of the explosion and black smoke billowing into the air, as fire crews worked to put out the blaze.

Authorities were investigating the incident.