A heartbroken pet owner whose car was stolen with her dog inside is hoping surveillance video of the crime will help police track down her vehicle and bring her beloved pet back.

Tara Luhv says she is distraught after her 2-year-old Pomeranian named Loki was swiped from her parked car while she was inside with her daughter at the gymnastics studio.

She says that her dog actually suffers from separation anxiety. It was going to be a long day, so she brought the dog with her, checking on it every couple of minutes. Despite returning to check on her dog regularly, there was apparently just enough time for a thief to break in and take off.

A family is hoping that security footage will help police identify the person who stole their car with their dog inside. (Tara Luhv)

It happened Saturday afternoon in East Hollywood. The pup was in the car with the air running, but Luhv had the key fob with her. Surveillance video shows a man casing the car before he breaks in and drives away with Luhv’s vehicle and Loki inside.

Luhv said Loki is her son’s dog, and her kids are devastated not having him home.

The mother just moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin on what she called a “leap of faith,” hoping to give her kids a new life. Now they are without their beloved dog and stuck with no transportation.

The family hopes someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video and is able to identify him. If not, she’s hoping the thief does the right thing and returns the family dog. She said her priority is getting Loki home, not the getting the vehicle back.

Anyone with information about the suspected car thief, or if you’ve seen Loki, you are urged contact the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-275-5273.