The family of a boy with autism is calling for an investigation after a fake shrine was put up at his school saying he had been killed in a South Los Angeles shooting.

Jamari Baker, who is an eighth grader at Bethune Middle School, is very much alive. But the shrine that was placed in the hallway of the school claimed he was a victim of gang violence.

The fake memorial featured an older photo of a smiling Jamari with the words “RIP Jamari Baker We will miss you.” Fruit and candles were also left at the shrine.

His family and community leaders held a news conference outside of the school Thursday calling the incident an “insensitive hoax” and demanded an investigation. They claim the Los Angeles Unified School District has “failed to do anything,” and are demanding an investigation by the California superintendent’s office.

Jamari was present at the news conference and at one point broke down in tears.

“The hoax memorial shrine of Jamari Baker should have been removed immediately from the school. This type of bullying and harassing of a special needs student will not be tolerated,” Najee Ali, director of Project Islamic Hope, said.

Jamari’s mother, Sophia Davis, explained that her son has the intellectual capacity of an 8-year-old and that he doesn’t understand why he was being bullied. She said her son now fears for his life. Jamari is refusing to go to school and Davis said she is trying to homeschool him.

“It’s very troubling and disturbing that Bethune Middle School Principal Sharon Brown has failed to act into addressing this issue properly,” Davis said. “This memorial hoax has been very traumatic for my son and our family remembers as we’re continued to be concerned for his safety.”

Family and community leaders are asking the school administration to install cameras in the hallways to monitor the actions of anyone involved in bullying.

In a statement Thursday, an LAUSD spokesperson said the safety of students and employees is a top priority.

“Any threat on campus—alleged or otherwise—is taken seriously, and each incident is fully investigated by our law enforcement partners. Los Angeles Unified does not condone any type of misconduct in our schools,” the statement read. “Bethune Middle School and Los Angeles Unified are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. We also are offering full support and campus resources to this student and family to assist in this situation.”