Family Catches Bear Taking a Dip, Playing in Backyard Pool in Monrovia

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A Monrovia family was surprised to see an unexpected guest cooling off in their backyard pool on a hot summer day this week.

Miriam Childers was at home with her kids when she was startled to see a bear taking a dip in the family swimming pool. The cub splashed around and even played with the pool’s floating chlorine dispensers.

“You know, he couldn’t go to the mall, he couldn’t, you know, go to the shopping center. He needed a little cool down time,” Childers said.

Yvette Childers, the woman’s young daughter, told KTLA she was scared by the surprise bear sighting, but — like her mother — also understood the cup’s need to escape the day’s sweltering heat.

“Bears are really like humans,” she explained. “They need to cool off too. We go in the pool if it’s hot.”

Childers was eventually able to scare the bear away by banging a pot with a wooden stick.

The family had to clean up the mess the animal left behind, which included scratch marks on the bottom of the pool.




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