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VAN NUYS, Calif. (KTLA) — Deputies have evicted a family from a Van Nuys home that’s been the site of an ongoing anti-foreclosure demonstration by Occupy protesters.

The Hernandez family was evicted from their home in the 14600 block of Leadwell Street early Thursday morning without incident.

L.A. County sheriff’s deputies and LAPD officers supported work crews who were brought in to break down the encampment.

The home had become known as “Fort Hernandez,” after the family of Javier Hernandez tried to save the foreclosed property by refusing to leave.

Dozens of Occupy protesters had been camped out for more than 100 days to protest the eviction.

Thursday morning’s ouster comes after four years of neglected payments by the owner.

“We have made multiple attempts to offer Mr. Hernandez assistance since he stopped making payments in 2008,” a Bank of America spokesperson said in a statement.

“Prior to foreclosure, we requested financial documents over a 6-month period, but Mr. Hernandez  never submitted the necessary documentation for us to complete our review.

“We then proceeded with foreclosure in September 2011.”