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The family of an unarmed 19-year-old Fresno man refuted claims by police that he told them he hated his life before he was fatally shot four times by two officers.

Darren Noble and Veronica Nelson said their son, Dylan Noble, didn’t have emotional or mental problems and wouldn’t have wanted to die. The Fresno Police Department has said Dylan told them “he hated his life,” as he made gestures suggesting he was armed with a weapon.

“I am outraged that the police would shoot my son and say it is his fault. To say that he was suicidal. To say that he was unhappy,” his mother said at a news conference Thursday. “If you knew my son, you would know that it’s lies.”

The family’s statement comes a day after cellphone video surfaced showing Fresno police officers shooting Dylan Noble as he was lying on the ground at a Chevron gas station. The shooting is the latest in a series of police use-of-force incidents caught on tape.

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