Family searching for their beloved dog Snoopy after he was taken from Pasadena storefront

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Michael Matthys’ wife and step son moved to Pasadena from Japan just over a month ago. They’ve spent much of that time searching for their dog Snoopy.

The toy poodle was mistakenly taken from a 99 Cents Only store on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

“We were really excited to come to Pasadena and then nine days later our dog was taken,” Matthys said.

Matthys said his wife Satoko Kasugai and his step-son walked to the store on June 9 and left the dog tied up outside while they shopped.

“I just moved from Japan, and in Japan almost all grocery store — dog is not allowed,” Satoko Kasugai said.

She was inside for about 25 minutes and when she came out, Snoopy was gone.

“He’s my life,” she said. “He’s my child.”

A store employee told them customers had complained about the dog, thinking it had been abandoned. One volunteered to take the poodle home, apparently saying he had a big yard.

Matthys and his family have been searching online and posting fliers in the neighborhood hoping whoever has their beloved dog will return him.

The family is offering a $500 reward for Snoopy’s safe return and say if you have the dog and want to remain anonymous to please drop him off at a local shelter because he does have an international microchip. You can reach them through the Shadow app at 213-444-5492.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Matthys’ last name. The post has been updated.

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