All anyone wants for the holiday season is for their packages to arrive on time.

If you are sending or receiving any packages this holiday season, mail agencies encourage consumers to adhere to specific deadlines so their mail will arrive promptly.

Here are FedEx’s deadlines to ensure shipments arrive promptly:

Dec. 14: FedEx Ground Shipping

Dec. 20: FedEx Express Saver Shipping

Dec. 22: FedEx Express Overnight

For those who prefer to ship their items through the United States Postal Service, officials are urging people to drop off their packages at a post office before this week is over.

Here are the U.S. Postal Service deadlines to ensure shipments arrive promptly:

Dec. 16: Air, Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office, and Diplomatic Post Office

Dec. 17 — USPS Retail Ground service

Dec. 17 — First-Class Mail service (including greeting cards)

Dec. 17 — First-Class packages (up to 15.99 ounces)

Dec. 19 — Priority Mail service

Dec. 22 — Priority Mail Express* service

The organization also said that the Sunday delivered service will expand to select locations that will experience high package volumes.

According to a news release, the organization already delivers packages on Sunday in most major cities.