Powerful Santa Ana winds have calmed down significantly since Friday night and Saturday, though it remained breezy across Southern California through Sunday.

Fierce winds wreaked havoc across the Southland over the weekend, toppling trees and causing scattered power outages.

In Azusa, strong gusts of winds caused a massive pine to fall onto Elsa Morena’s home on North Dalton Street early Saturday morning.

“I’m having flashbacks of opening the door and seeing all these trees in my door and not being able to get out,” said Morena, who woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of the winds shaking her house and banging noises.

She said she got out of bed to check where the came from but a power outage in the area prevented her from turning on the lights to get a better picture of what was going on.

“The wind kind of knocked me off my feet and I fell down and tried picking myself up and I just heard a snap,” Morena said.

That snap happened to be the massive pine tree toppling down, narrowly missing her son inside the house.

“I saw my life flash before my eyes for sure,” Morena said.

The eye-opening event has her family thankful, including her landlord who rushed to help Morena and her son.

Meanwhile, gusty crosswinds up to 50 mph were expected to sweep the Los Angeles and Ventura mountains, valleys and coastal areas through Sunday.