A former pediatrician from Beverly Grove pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing hundreds of images and dozens of DVDs containing child sexual abuse material, federal authorities announced.  

In Nov. 2021, 62-year-old David Goulin, admitted to having four DVDs containing sexually explicit material involving minors who were under the age of 12, as well as another 57 DVDs with child sexual abuse material.  

According to a news release from the United States Attorney’s Los Angeles Office, the average run time on the DVDs was nearly three and a half hours.  

“Goulin admitted that in August 2021 he used his cellphone to knowingly receive a video of (child sexual abuse material). In total, Goulin possessed more than 600 images that he knew constituted child pornography, some of which showed children engaging in sadistic or masochistic conduct,” the news release stated.  

The former pediatrician, who was prohibited from practicing medicine in Nov. 2021 by the Medical Board of California, has agreed to register a sex offender as a part of his plea agreement, officials said.  

“Goulin was charged in Los Angeles Superior Court with possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child. That case was dismissed considering the federal charges against Goulin, which a grand jury brought in via indictment in October 2022,” the news release stated.  

The 62-year-old is scheduled to be sentenced in an Oct. 13 hearing, in which he could face a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison.  

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in the investigation into Goulin.