Security cameras captured the moment a couple’s beloved French Bulldog was stolen from their downtown Los Angeles apartment building by an alleged Uber Eats delivery person.  

The dognapping happened Wednesday on the 20th floor of the Park Tower apartments.  

Annisa Gibson and her boyfriend, Caliber Cleveland, said the 6-month-old Frenchie named Chunky Monkey loved to greet people in the building.  

“I was coming down the hall with Chunky. He likes to follow me (when I) take out trash to the trash room,” Cleveland told KTLA.  

That’s when the couple says there was a man delivering food to another unit on the floor.  

“The dog sees the delivery driver waiting for the elevator and then runs up to greet him,” Cleveland said. “The delivery driver initially seems to ignore him and try to, like, brush him off.”  

The alleged Uber Eats driver then decides to take Chunky into the elevator and out of the building.  

  • French Bulldog stolen by alleged Uber Eats driver
  • French Bulldog stolen by alleged Uber Eats driver
  • French Bulldog stolen by alleged Uber Eats driver
  • French Bulldog stolen by alleged Uber Eats driver
  • French Bulldog stolen by alleged Uber Eats driver

“It’s a shame that a dog can transform from being a companion to becoming an object like jewelry or something, like it won’t mean anything to take one from another person. So, I think it’s kind of messed up,” Cleveland added.  

Uber Eats website says all drivers go through a background check, but the couple told KTLA that the delivery person in the security video doesn’t match the woman in the registered profile, whose name is Endelia.  

“He’s just a sweetheart. He has so many wrinkles,” Gibson, who can’t watch the security video because she gets too emotional, said of her beloved pet.  

The couple said they’re willing to offer a reward for Chunky.  

“I don’t wish ill on him or anything,“ Cleveland said of the delivery person who took the couple’s pet. “Hopefully, if he is listening, he can kind of see that this is affecting us. It is hard and hopefully he can (have a) change of heart.”  

Gibson and Cleveland have filed a police report, and management at their apartment building said they will cooperate in whatever way they can.

As for the food delivery company, an Uber Spokesperson released a statement to KTLA, saying:

“What’s been reported is extremely concerning. We’ve restricted the courier’s access to the app while we work to facilitate the dog’s safe return and stand ready to work with police on any investigation.”

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct a misspelled name and to correct the speaker of a quote.