Many frustrated travelers are opting to drive home or to their holiday destination thanks to Southwest Airlines delaying or canceling flights across the country.

As a result, rental cars are in incredibly high demand, and travelers at LAX told KTLA that not only is it hard to get a car, they’re also pricier than they would otherwise be.

Johnny Alaniz’s flight home to Colorado was canceled and wouldn’t be able to be rebooked until New Year’s Eve. That’s why he decided to rent a car instead.

“Obviously, we have New Year’s plans in Colorado and are trying to get back as soon as possible,” he said.

Available cars, however, are few and far between. And the prices for the ones left are 30-50% higher.

At some of the major car rental companies, a 4-door sedan is currently costing well over $100 per day.

Doug Shupe with the Auto Club of Southern California says it’s an issue of supply and demand.

“There’s a strong demand for car rentals because people can’t fly to their destinations and they’re considering driving there, so when you have that demand, you have very low supply, unfortunately we see these prices increasing,” Shupe said.

Omar Abdelshife spent the holidays in Los Angeles and is now trying to get home to Phoenix because he has to return to work on Wednesday. After his flight was canceled, he thought he would rent a car, but none were available.

“It’s unfortunate that they’re not honoring my reservations, so I’ve just been turned away from here and now I don’t have many options,” Abdelshife said. He added that he might have to resort to taking a bus all the way home.

Another option: Try to find rental companies away from the airports. Find a neighborhood branch where inventory is probably higher and prices may be cheaper.