A search is underway for a man who stole furniture from a truck during a street takeover in San Bernardino, authorities said last week.

On April 24, a group of people were holding a street takeover in the area of 5th Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue, where a semi-truck pulled up.

That’s when several people, including a suspect identified as Victor Manuel Alanis, pulled the driver off his seat and opened up the truck’s cargo container, San Bernardino Police Department officials said on Twitter.

“Apparently, Victor has been sitting on the floor at his house, so he and his friends decided to pull the driver out of the truck, open up the cargo container, and score some furniture for themselves,” police tweeted.

Video showed people crowding a truck and taking large pieces of furniture, at least some of which could be seen being loaded onto a maroon vehicle.

Police said Alanis hauled off couches and went on the run.

Authorities asked for the public’s help finding the man, who faces a $200,000 warrant for robbery, according to the department.

He is likely to be driving a Maroon Chevy Silverado with a gray door and California license plate number 6X47132, police said.

“There were plenty more people out there with Victor, and the street takeover crew definitely has our attention,” San Bernardino Police said. “We’ll be out there making arrests and towing whips, so either take it elsewhere or save up for your ticket, bail, and tow fees.”