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A hearing about the moving of homeless people living near freeways was canceled Wednesday after the city and county of Los Angeles couldn’t agree to a plan to work together for how they would move these people.

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter ordered the relocation of up to 7,000 people living near overpasses, off-ramps and on-ramps, saying they face severe health risks from tailpipe emissions and car crashes. He directed the city and county of Los Angeles to submit a plan for how to make this happen.

Talks between the two sides broke down Tuesday evening after a dispute over who would pay for the services at shelters and other sites that would house homeless folks who have been moved, according to court documents.

“The City would not agree to a shared funding arrangement as proposed by the County for operational costs (such as food, laundry, security, etc.) associated with City’s pilot programs,” according to a brief that was filed jointly by the county and homeless advocates who have intervened in the case.

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