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Mayor Eric Garcetti is proposing millions of dollars in restaurant aid and new programs to help street vendors and other struggling chefs and restaurateurs to avert fees, red tape and other logistical hurdles in the wake of COVID-19.

In a State of the City address on Monday evening, Los Angeles’ mayor proposed $75 million for vaccine and PPE delivery; $151 million to programs that advance racial justice and economic equality; nearly $1 billion to address homelessness; and a $25 million “comeback check” program to help restaurants and other small businesses pay off debt and reopen, among other initiatives.

If approved, the 2021-22 annual budget — which goes into effect July 1 — would fund a series of programs to help L.A. restaurants, bars and food carts regain footing after a tumultuous year that has seen more than 100,000 U.S. restaurants shutter, be it permanently or temporarily, according to the National Restaurant Assn.

The proposed budget includes more than $1.3 million for Los Angeles street vendors, whose permit processes can be lengthy and costly. Before vendors can take to the streets, a range of health, sidewalk and sellers permits are required, taxes must be paid, and carts have to be registered and approved. The money allotted in the new budget would, in theory, help street vendors pay fees, “clear bureaucratic hurdles” and purchase new carts that are up to code.

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