Gas prices in the Los Angeles area, while still nearly $2.00 a gallon more expensive than they were a year ago, have dropped for a 23rd consecutive day Thursday.

Plummeting crude oil prices to under $100 a barrel can be given some of the credit.

Nationally, a gallon of regular gas costs $4.75, according to AAA. Here in California though, that price jumps to $6.18.

In fact, California has the highest prices in the nation by more than 50 cents a gallon over second place Hawaii.

Back to the good news though. Prices in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area have dropped for 23 consecutive days, according to City News Service.

That decrease has lowered gas prices to about 9 cents cheaper per gallon than they were a week ago. Overall, prices around the region are down about 16 cents from a month ago.

Here’s a look at some of the areas gas prices for a gallon of regular as of Thursday:

  • Los Angeles-Long Beach: $6.23
  • Ventura: $6.21
  • San Bernardino: $6.17
  • Orange: $6.14
  • Riverside: $6.12

KTLA reporter Gene Kang was in the City of Commerce Thursday, where an Arco gas station was selling a gallon of regular for $5.79.