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After “approximately several hundred gallons of gasoline spilled into the Alhambra wash” on Sunday, the San Marino Police Department is advising residents of the city’s west side that they might notice a gasoline odor coming from the wash.

“San Marino Fire and San Marino Police are aware of the situation and request that residents stay inside with all doors and windows closed,” police said in an alert.

The city of Alhambra also encouraged residents near the wash “to stay inside, & close all windows,” the city tweeted.

The city of San Marino tweeted that the amount of spilled gasoline was “800 to 1,000 gallons,” which came from a “gas station at Glen Arm and Arroyo in the City of Pasadena” and went into a storm drain at about 5 p.m.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the spill was closer to 1,300 gallons, the time of the spill was about 3 p.m. and the location was “the 76 gas station at East Glenarm Street and South Arroyo Parkway.”

No matter the exact figure, Raymond Rindone, a San Marino resident, said the “annoying” smell is “everywhere.”

“It’s literally like smelling gas out of a gas can, like nonstop,” Rindone said.

Initial reports from police said they were expecting the odor to last for about six hours, which means the smell should dissipate after midnight, and city and county officials are on scene to help with evaluation and cleanup.