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Gayle Anderson was live in Los Angeles, where masked anonymous artist WILD LIFE is installing a massive melting ice cream cone sculpture on top of the new location of the Gelateria Uli gelato shop at 8044 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 323-424-3492. The art installation celebrates the second location of the gelato shop. The first location is in downtown Los Angeles; DTLA, 541 South Spring Street, Suite 104, Los Angeles, CA 90013, 213.900.4717.

The gelato shop is also celebrating the new venue with the debut of eight new L.A. gelato flavors as part of this month’s L.A. FOOD BOWL FESTIVAL. The flavors are:

Poblano; made by steeping hot, roasted Poblano Chiles in a sweet milk base.

 Coconut Lemongrass sorbet; inspired by Thai soup Tom Kha from Jitlada in L.A.’s Thai-town. (Vegan)

Horchata; an ode to everyone’s favorite Mexican drink.

 Jamaica Agua Fresca with Mint sorbet; another Taqueria inspired flavor, this time it’s water-based with Fresh Mint. (Vegan)

 Saffron; an ode to L.A.’s Persian community, where the world’s most expensive spice is treasured.

 Black Sesame; inspired by Black Sesame Buns from Chinese / Taiwanese restaurants in San Gabriel Valley.

 Ube; inspired by Ube Jam filled pastries in LA’s Historic Filipinotown.

California Pistachio; instead of using one of the many available Pistachio pastes produced by Italian ingredient makers, they source the Pistachios from California’s oldest Pistachio farm.

*For more information about the anonymous masked artist WILD LIFE, look at more of Wild Life’s work on Instagram at the hashtag: #wild_life_street_art

Upcoming L.A. FOOD BOWL events include:

* Monday 5/21: An In-Depth Look at Vespertine @ REDCAT with Chef Jordan Kahn, Architect Eric Owen Moss, and LA Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold.

* Tuesday 5/22: Beast Feast @ Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant with Chefs Curtis Stone, Neal Fraser, Steve Samson, and Electric City Butcher.

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